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eSkateBuddy is a Blog about Electric Skateboarding – a destination for uncovering the latest Electric skateboard trends, Tips & Tricks, Buying Guide, Reviews, General Tutorials, and essential Accessories. The articles will educate the public about the growing trend with electric boards and help you to make the right purchase.

Who founded eSkateBuddy?

eSkateBuddy was founded by Dario Yore on September 19, 2019 and he is the one who wrote all the articles on eSkateBuddy. Coming from a family whose parents and siblings love skateboarding, Dario soon developed a passion for the sport. He started skateboarding when he was a little boy. Dario is also interested in technology, speed, and environment. They fused together to become eSkateBuddy.

Dario Yore

Dario Yore

Dario loves exploring the neighborhood on his electric skateboard, disassembling gadgets to see how they work, and collecting and reviewing products . When he finds something new and interesting, he desires to share it with the public. That’s why we have eSkateBuddy today!

eSkateBuddy’s vision and mission

Our mission is to answer your questions about electric skateboards. We test and review products, study trends, create guides for buyers on different topics, keep our audience up-to-date with the news from the industry, and cover some rules when riding this type of board in the public.

We promise to make the market more transparent so that the buyers will know what they should look for and what to avoid when buying micro-mobility products like electric skateboards.

Electric skateboard is one of the promising transports in urban areas in the future that reduce pressure on the environment. Through educational content and guidance on eSkateBuddy, we are driving consumers towards this eco-friendly vehicle and steering the micro-mobility industry in the right direction.

eSkateBuddy’ achievements

Fortunately, our articles have received the attention of a large number of readers right from the very beginning. Currently, we have got organic traffic to our website and thousands of keywords are in the top Google. This is a great source of motivation for us to continue to produce great and useful content for everyone.

At eSkateBuddy, you will have the opportunity to open your eyes to the world of electric skateboards. If you follow us, you will have a chance to refresh yourself every day. If eSkateBuddy is the door to the world of technology and  the skateboard , will you want to open it?

To make eSkateBuddy even better, we always welcome your contributions. Please tell us what you need, or what topics you want us to write about, or what we need to change to make the user experience better while on the site.

Now, it’s time to open the door and explore things behind it!

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