What Is An Electric Skateboard? Things You Need To Know!

what is an electric skateboard

Skating while bouncing back a little bit is very beneficial. However, presently things have changed to help you enjoy the incredible speed with modern design. Thus, what is an electric skateboard?  This article will present you with detailed information about this significant sports equipment. We also offer you some great benefits of owning it and … Read more

Good Electric Skateboard Resources – Best Blogs, Youtube, Facebook

electric skateboard resources

In order to help the growing electric skateboard community, we always try our best to bring you interesting information. Real information, tips, advice and ideas are not limited to our site. That’s why we’ve created a list of quality electric skateboard resources that you can refer to. Electric Skateboard Blogs eSkateHub The first website you should read … Read more

Can Everyone Ride Electric Skateboards?

can everyone ride electric skateboard

Electric skateboarding is becoming very popular in our world and more and more people are attracted by the fun and thrill of this sport. However, can everyone ride electric skateboards? Just about anyone! Can heavy riders ride e-skateboards? Every electric skateboard has a weight limit. The maximum weight limit for electric skateboards is 400 lbs … Read more

How To Clean Electric Skateboard Wheels & Bearings – Most Simple Guide

Maintaining your electric skateboard is really important. You need to maintain it regularly to make sure your board will work properly. This means you should wash and maintain your bearings and wheels well. This article will guide you the quickest and easiest way to clean electric skateboard wheels and bearings. Read on! Prepare some tools … Read more

Electric Skateboard Remote Controls – The Ultimate Guide

Electric Skateboard Remote Controls

For electric skateboards, a great remote is a top factor for quality rides. So what types of e-skateboard remote controls do you need to match your e-skateboard? This article will help you better understand this little buddy.  There are two electric skateboard terms that you need to understand: remote control and electric speed controller. Simply, … Read more

Top 11+ Best Electric Skateboard Reviews 2021 (Tested)

Do you want to upgrade from your traditional skateboard to a modern electric skateboard? With the recent technological advancements and the growth in urbanization, electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are electric boards portable, but they’re also quite convenient. If this is your first time looking for an electric board, you may feel … Read more

Are electric skateboards safe?

are electric skateboards safe

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular today due to the benefits it offers. However, when it comes to this type of electric mobility device, we need to consider the safety factor. The most common question is Are electric skateboards safe? The answer is it depends. It depends on many factors including your riding … Read more