Top 8 Best Electric Skateboard For Beginners With Buying Guides

Are you looking for the right skateboard to practice basic techniques for beginners but don’t know the detailed method? Don’t worry. In the article below, I’ve helped you check and select the best electric skateboard for beginners.

I will recommend starting with the lightweight and simple versions before considering the more powerful performance ones. Why is that?

Let’s continue to explore in the sections below!

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Detailed Reviews Of Best Electric Skateboard For Beginners

Right now, I will share my experience on the top 8 most perfect versions with specific pros and cons reviews of each. Let’s see which one suits you best!

#1. Exway FlexBest for Flexibility

best electric skateboard for beginners


  • Sony Li-ion battery high capacity
  • Range from 20km to 32km
  • Top speed at 25 mph (40km/h)
  • Deck: Ultraflexible Bamboo with pronounced wheel flares.

Product Highlights

As a newbie, choosing a motor for an electric skateboard is not easy. 

Fortunately, the manufacturer has integrated a unique mechanism that allows you to change the motor. This mechanism will enable us to quickly test both dual hub and belt drive motors.

The necessary operations to change the motor are not too complicated. I’m not very skillful, but it only takes about 8 minutes each time.

The versatility of this best beginner electric skateboard is also evident in its quality surface finish. It would be a significant omission if I didn’t discuss the combination of bamboo and fiberglass fibers in the composition.

By chance, I had the opportunity to try bamboo boards at a DIY store. Its flexibility is impressive, but its durability is not as expected.

Also, for this reason, the manufacturer has integrated Exway Flex fiberglass. Glass is quite fragile in the form of pieces, but if it is in the form of fibers, its durability is perfect.

The shock absorption system is also a very noticeable detail on the Exway Flex. It increases comfort and reduces the risk of damage in the event of a crash.

Unfortunately, my old board doesn’t have these mechanisms. If it did, I wouldn’t have had to replace it after a short period of practice.


  • Durable construction
  • High flexibility
  • Advanced shock absorption system
  • Flexible motor change mechanism
  • Easy to operate


  • Shock-absorbing strips are pretty difficult to repair

#2. Enskate R2 BamboardBest for Stability

best beginner electric skateboard


  • The top speed is 21.7 mph.
  • Materials: Canadian Maple and Bamboo
  • 36V Battery, fully charged in 6.5 hours
  • Brushless Motor with the 450W*2 Detachable.
  • High Elastic PU 85A Hardlines

Product Highlights

With some testing on rough roads, I can guarantee that you will hardly fall when using the board.

This advantage comes from the long distinctive design of the surface. The large floor size provides more room to generate more force for added stability.

Usually, the longboard will create some difficulty when accelerating. During my trial period with long-bodied wooden boards, I had terrible experiences with these products.

High settlement causes the wheels of the board to stick more, plunging into the ground and reducing acceleration.

But with Enskate R2 Bamboard, it’s a miracle that this situation does not happen.

The manufacturer has redesigned the board nose to compensate for the heavy structure to glide better, thanks to the surrounding airflow.

Contrary to my initial thought, the impact of aerodynamic factors on the moving board is enormous. Indeed, the Enskate R2 Bamboard did a great job in this improvement.

In my opinion, the 5 layers of Canadian Maple and Bamboo are a combination for durability rather than performance.

The only weak point is that the Canadian Maple classes are pretty heavy. For newbies, this heaviness shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But at higher levels, it will interfere with many complex moves.


  • Enduring
  • Suitable for walking on many surfaces
  • Make good use of aerodynamic principles
  • Large board surface size


  • Heavy

#3. Backfire G2 SkateboardBest for Speed

best beginner electric skateboard


  • High-performance engine
  • Speed 24 mph or 38 kph.
  • 36V, 5.0 Ah battery fully charged in 3.5 hours
  • 3 operating modes: Eco Mode, Reverse, Sport
  • Wheels: PU Tire with 83A SHRAA 96mm Diameter.

Product Highlights

I have to admit that the Backfire G2 skateboard operates relatively stable. During my trial period, I never had a problem losing control of this longboard model. However, the G2 Black is not heavy at all.

You can dash away at breakneck speeds with this product. To be fair, the top speed of 24 mph is perfectly comparable to professional outcomes.

Even as an experienced skater, I rarely move this fast. So moving with this best electric skateboard for beginners will become much more mobile.

The three included control modes also allow us to change the speed to suit our needs flexibly.

You can rest assured because I have tested the sensitivity of this feature. Even when switching continuously between modes, it is infrequent for lag to occur.

The battery of the G2 Black is especially to withstand shock when we start to accelerate the game. Without this feature, the heat and pressure on the battery will always be high.

That’s also why you should choose devices with built-in safety features.


  • Impressive performance
  • Stable enough to use for newbies
  • Quality safety features
  • Three flexible modes


  • High price

#4. Meepo V3Best for Budget

electric skateboard beginner


  • Top Speed: 28 Mph/45 Kph
  • Range: 11 Miles/18 Km (Standard Battery)
  • Acceleration: 0 to 30 Km/h or 19 Mph in 4.5 seconds
  • Motors: 2 X 540 Watts
  • 4 Ride Modes
  • 2 Hours Charging (Standard Battery)

Product Highlights

You get a version with impressive acceleration for half the price of regular models. The first time I used Meepo V3, I was pretty surprised because it only took about 4.5 seconds to reach a speed of 30 Km/h.

You don’t need to worry too much about acceleration if you are a newbie. While the Meepo V3 may be potent, it’s easier to control with the correct settings.

4 levels of the product can quickly respond to all your workouts. Throughout use, I noticed that levels 2 and 3 have many similarities, but between 3 and 4, there is a big performance gap.

It is this difference that makes it suitable for even professional users.

The Meepo V3 also has a fantastic battery pack, as even the pro versions I’m using don’t charge as fast as the V3. When operating at full speed, the battery life is also quite long if you compare it with other competitors.


  • Good price
  • Quality battery system
  • 4 control modes
  • Fast charging
  • Good acceleration


  • Vibration in operation

#5. Evolve Bamboo GTRBest for Lightweight

beginner electric skateboard


  • Deck Length 96 cm
  • Max Load: 100 kg
  • Motor: 2 motors 1500 watt
  • Battery: 14AH Samsung Lithium-Ion battery
  • 3 layers of Bamboo and 2 layers of Fiberglass

Product Highlights

The overall light weight of the board will help you move faster than other best electric skateboards for beginner models.

But you also need advanced techniques to control. I usually have no trouble surfing the Evolve Bamboo GTR in a straight line at high speed. But the problem only really appeared when I applied force to control.

I habitually use my feet with great force like some electric skateboard beginners. Due to its lightweight, the impact force often causes the board’s surface to bounce. And I often lose control of the character during long runs.

It is not an easy challenge to perform for beginners. With the Evolve GTR, basic techniques and advanced tips can also be available on this board.


  • Lightweight
  • High speed
  • Many tricks
  • Suitable for basic techniques


  • Difficult to control

#6. Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+Best for design

electric skateboard for beginners


  • 9 Inches Width, 36 Inches Length
  • Main material: Wood
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Item Weight 5.7 Kilograms
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds

Product Highlights

Until now, skateboards have always been a means of representing dynamism, personality, and even innovation. So why not try changing your style with impressive Caroma designs like Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+.

This best beginner electric skateboard is quite stable thanks to the solidity of the floorboards made from 8 different layers of wood.

Through some tests, this version’s load-carrying capacity and stability are pretty superior to mine. In more detailed long-distance tests, I concluded that it was the weight that slowed its actual speed.

With actual experiences, I clearly see this product can’t gain acceleration in the short time I want. Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ also can’t glide quickly.


  • Various designs
  • Solid texture
  • High load capacity
  • Good durability


  • Limited speed

#7. Blitzart 38″ HurricaneBest for Controls

best electric skateboard for beginners


  • 7 Inches Width, 38 Inches Length
  • Main material: Bamboo, Maple
  • Item Weight: 8.35 Kilograms
  • Load Capacity: 250 Pounds

Product Highlights

The manufacturer offers two main speed modes and one standby mode. Even with only two options, I could easily control the Hurricane’s performance.

The difference between the modes is quite apparent, so the practice process will not be as complex as in many other models. Even if you have a problem and can’t handle it, standby will be a feature that protects you from dangerous accidents.

I think this function of the Blitzart 38″ Hurricane is different from the emergency braking feature.

The speed will decrease slowly while the balance remains excellent. Even when I try to use the pending order at high speed, the sudden stop does not occur.

The sensitivity of the control system, which Blitzart 38″ Hurricane is an advantage, convinced me ultimately in my experience. Especially if you are a newbie, you will have safer training sessions with this choice.


  • Two modes to choose from
  • It has a safe standby function
  • Don’t stop suddenly
  • The driving modes have a distinct difference


  • Quite difficult to clean

#8. UrbanPro Electric SkateboardBest for Mobility

best beginner electric skateboard


  • 24 cm Width, 97 cm Length
  • Primary material: Fiberglass, Maple
  • Item Weight: 17 Pounds
  • Load Capacity: 265 Pounds

Product Highlights

UrbanPro electric skateboard has an average overall size, but the board’s surface is still enough for you to handle any move.

This combination makes it easier to move and improves the product’s mobility.

I can easily carry the board with one hand while holding the other tools without too much difficulty. You can even use a bag to store your boards if you want.

Inside this compact product is a set of engines with just enough power to travel a mid-range distance. 

I didn’t expect too much from the UrbanPro electric’s performance. But the result exceeded my expectations. Therefore, the user’s feeling of use is also a detail that the board did very well.

The product is also relatively light because it has simplified some of the details or features of the engine and battery pack. In my experience, these effects don’t have too much impact on handling basic movements.

UrbanPro electric skateboard has all the features to keep you moving with ease. At the same time, its portability will be pretty convenient for you to carry on your travels or picnics.


  • High mobility
  • Lightly
  • Sufficient performance
  • Streamlined functions


  • Not suitable for long-term use

What To Look For When Buying Electric Skateboards For Beginners?

In my experience, you need to consider design factors such as board style, deck, and safety before buying. In addition, some factors such as power, acceleration, and remote controller also play a vital role.

Board style

The more space a product has in the base, the more suitable it is for beginners.

When starting with an electric skateboard, you may have to struggle a lot to keep your balance or accelerate and decelerate. 

All these operations will become much simpler if you use a wide baseboard.


Starting boards are not devices we will use in the long run. After going through the practice, I find that many people tend to buy a professional board right away.

However, you can choose a version with a budget of less than $500 to start with this sport. Of course, the cheap versions often have more problems.


The surface of the board significantly influences the board’s experience, especially when you are practicing using it.

Size is essential in deciding whether the product is right for you. The width of the electrical board will be from 7″ to 9″. The best fit will have to fit your foot size, weight, and comfort.

During the time of electric skateboarding, products with large surfaces always give me a sense of flexibility when controlling.


To avoid falling injuries like me, you should choose low-medium speed skateboards. 10-15 km/h or 20 km/h will be suitable for you to consider.

Do not try to choose high-speed products because you will control and balance. Losing balance with the board is accompanied by painful falls.

Remote controller

The controller is the part where you directly control the board’s features. Any deviation or delay from this department will have serious consequences.

However, you also need to avoid products with overly sensitive controls. When you first start skateboarding, sudden changes can easily lead to accidents.


A well-fitting electric skateboard is the first factor you must consider to improve safety. Factors such as grip and brake responsiveness also have a huge impact.


Having experienced the long-standing tradition, I think the electric board’s operation is much more stable.

With a physical board, we will have breaks between sliding cycles to adjust the speed accordingly. With electric panels, you won’t have any chance to let your guard down.

For this reason, we should choose products with smooth acceleration and deceleration mechanisms to limit unnecessary processing steps.

Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions by beginners. One of these may be helpful to you. Scroll down to see more!

Are electric skateboards challenging to ride?

Electric boards and tools make it difficult for us when we first learn to use them. 

Even if you have never skated before, you quickly get used to this product after at most a week of use. Some people master the game in just one or two days.

How to ride an electric skateboard? Positioning yourself on the board

There are two positions for you to use when skateboarding: front foot and rear foot. Each has its characteristics; you should try both to make the right choice.

The front foot is how you bring your left foot forward towards the nose of the board to ease the technique. When you put your foot perpendicular to the board’s surface, it is a rear foot with impressive balance ability.

Can you ride an electric skateboard in the rain?

Electricity and wetness are always two concepts that should not go together, but with an electric skateboard, the problem is not with the leakage. You should not use this type of board in the rain, but the main reason comes from rust.

Mechanisms made from metal inside the electrical board are more than in the regular mechanical board.

How is riding an electric skateboard different from a regular skateboard?

To play regular skateboards, you will have to use manual control methods. Electric skateboards have integrated many automatic control mechanisms.

The operation of the electric board is also much more stable, with higher output efficiency than the mechanical board.

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I have introduced you to the critical points for choosing the best electric skateboard for beginners as well as the best versions.

I trust you can take advantage of my reviews and buying tips to find the one with the best performance. Thank you for reading!

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