Electric Skateboard Weight Limit – How Much is Enough?

Electric skateboards are fast replacing their manual counterparts, and understandably so. They not only take casual skateboarding to a new level but also add more thrill to the entire process.

However, the cooler the experience, the riskier it gets.

When thinking of shifting to an electric skateboard, consider all factors ranging from experience and expertise to maintenance of the equipment. Taking into account the electric skateboard weight limit, your confidence on the road, your ability to respond quickly in a crisis, and the overall safety of the board is mandatory. You cannot simply buy a skateboard and go speeding down the road.

Let’s focus on the electric skateboard weight limit and its related considerations today.

What Is the Average Electric Skateboard Weight Limit?

The weight you put on a skateboard directly affects its performance. This may be in the form of body weight or something you are carrying. For instance, if you are wearing a backpack or carrying anything else, you need to take its weight into consideration.

The minimum weight limit for an electric skateboard is around 90 kgs. This is around 200 lbs. The electric skateboard max weight limit is at 150 kgs or 330 lbs.

However, depending upon the brand and product, the range may vary a little.

Now that we know the weight limit, what factors determine a skateboard’s ability to carry a certain weight? Let’s see.

Material Properties

Both the type of material used and a skateboard’s make are essential considerations for seeing how much it can take. The material used should be strong and capable of supporting a person’s body weight without breaking under tension. Similarly, it should be structured such that the deck and trucks are solid and reliable.

Motor Power

The more weight an electric skateboard is carrying, the higher is the power required by its motor. An electric skateboard with a good motor can produce the motor power needed to carry heavy weight.


Similarly, a large battery is required to generate enough motor power to carry an electric skateboard forward. Skateboards with large batteries are better equipped for good functioning at higher weights.

Why Is It Necessary to Consider an Electric Skateboard Weight Limit?

electric skateboard weight limit

The weight limit on electric skateboards is nothing short of an essential safety parameter. You can potentially risk accidents and injuries because of your lack of care in this department.

Moreover, if you are wondering, “Are electric skateboards safe” Well, they are only as safe as you are. Much of your safety depends on the precautions you take and the experience you have.

Here are some of the reasons you should always take weight limits into account when getting yourself an electric skateboard.

Board’s Performance

Once again, when braking and stopping distance is increased, it will obviously lower the quality of your skateboard’s performance. Additional weight on the board creates additional drag. There is no guarantee to what extent your electric skateboard will put up with it.

Not only will the speed of the e-board be compromised, but also its ability to go uphill or tackle any obstacles on the way.

Battery Range

Understandably, with decreased performance quality and the multiple limitations that come with an increased load, the range of the e-board will suffer. Moreover, the batteries and motor are working extra hard to keep up with the added weight and speed requirements. This will significantly reduce the range your skateboard can cover.

Electric skateboards boast from 10 miles to even 50 miles without requiring any charging. However, these are highly variable and depend mainly on the battery life. Increased weight puts additional pressure on the battery to keep functioning at normal levels, and thus leads to faster depletion.

Your Safety

So how does additional weight on your electric skateboard compromise your safety? Well, the heavier the load on the skateboard, the harder it is to apply brakes effectively. This means that the braking distance would increase.

Imagine skateboarding on the road with an onrush of traffic. You would need your electric skateboard to be able to apply brakes quickly and effectively. You can risk incurring serious injury if your bakes are not properly functional.

In addition to this, heavier loads have a wearing effect on your board. Again, the brakes can get worn down, along with other components of your electric board, such as the battery case. Therefore, staying well within the weight limit is of utmost importance.


Since all parts of your electric skateboard have to work harder to accommodate any additional weight, they will also wear down faster. Increased friction and drag will kill the breaks over time, and battery life will also suffer. The battery will deplete faster in response to the effort required to keep the motor going strong, and would require equally frequent recharging.

Can an Overweight Person Skateboard?

electric skateboard max weight

As long as you are within the safety range, it should not be a problem. However, if you are slightly above it, and you absolutely want to skateboard one way or another, then reinforced skateboards might be a good solution to your problem.

Unfortunately, the skateboard market does not yet cater to all weight ranges. In any case, many overweight people claim that using reinforced skateboards allowed them to enjoy the activity very safely. Skateboards reinforced with carbon are extremely strong and able to withstand more weight than normal ones.

However, no matter the reinforcement, the wear and tear process still progresses as usual. Therefore, you must make sure to constantly check for any signs that your board might be compromised.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • If you are overweight, always stand on the trucks and not on the deck
  • Always use a reinforced skateboard
  • Regularly check for worn down brakes and any wear in the battery encasing and other structural components
  • Do not carry additional weight with you, for example, in the form of a backpack

What is an Ideal Weight for an Electric Skateboard?

For adults, the ideal weight is described assuming a full-sized skateboard is used. A full-sized version usually has a deck measuring seven to ten inches in width and is about thirty-two inches long. The ideal weight for an adult over five and a half feet in height is around 190 lbs.

However, ideal weights vary with the type of skateboard one is using, the skateboard’s dimensions, one’s age, and one’s height.


The electric skateboard weight limit is a very important parameter to make sure you ride it within a safe range. Moreover, it is not enough to simply fit the weight range. You must also make sure you skateboard only up to your level of expertise and regularly make sure your equipment is in good health.

We hope you found this article helpful.

Dario Yore

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