How Fast Does A Boosted Board Go – Boosted Models Comparison

Nowadays, everything has sped up - from cellular data upgrading to 5G to electric cars setting new acceleration records. The same trend has been observed in electric skateboards over the years.

As of now, the NGV’s fastest electric skateboard can go as fast as 68 mph! 

Of course, speed is appreciable; but when it comes to your safety, Boosted has been taking care of it since the beginning. The American company has put a limit of 24 mph, even on their fastest board models.

In this article, we will discuss how fast does a Boosted board go, along with a speed comparison of the different skateboard models. So let’s get started!

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To date, “Boosted Stealth” is the fastest skateboard by the brand. You can travel several miles on this skateboard with a maximum speed of 24 mph on a single charge.

On the other hand, the slowest board manufactured by Boosted is the “Boosted Mini S,” which limits to a top speed of only 18 mph. 

Boosted Board Models: Speed Comparison

The best way to understand “how fast does a Boosted board go” is to compare the speeds of different Boosted models. By doing so, we can also find out the unique features of each of the six models offered by Boosted.

Let’s have a look at them:

1. Boosted Stealth

how fast does a boosted board go

The fastest board on this list, the Boosted Stealth can reach a maximum speed of 24 mph with a travel range of 14 miles, without requiring a recharge. Since it’s the fastest, it also has the highest price.

What’s more, this model also features regenerative braking, a classic design, 5 ride modes, and remote control. 

2. Boosted Plus V3

how fast can a boosted board go

Boosted Plus V3 is their second-fastest skateboard, having a high-power speed of 22 mph. The extended range of this model is 14 miles on a single charge. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy 25% grade hill climbing effortlessly on this skateboard.

Being a little heavy on the pocket, this model comes with a remote control, flexible and durable deck, and a 2000 watt efficient motor.

3. Boosted V2 Plus

how fast do boosted boards go

Having the same 22 mph speed as Boosted Plus V3, the V2 Plus has a relatively lower travel range of 7 miles on a single charge.

Apart from that, V2 plus comes with a 4 speed remote, a 2000 watt motor, a flexible deck, and strong grip wheels.

4. Boosted Mini X

how fast is a boosted board

Despite having a low price, the Mini X offers a high-performance with a top speed of 20 mph and a travel range of 14 miles. 

Moreover, it has a 20% grade hill climbing, a durable build, 3 riding modes, and a 1000 watt motor.

5. Boosted Mini S

how fast does a boosted board go

The Mini S is the slowest Boosted skateboard but has a stellar performance. It has a maximum speed of 18 mph and a travel range of 7 miles on a single charge. 

Even though it is half the price of Stealth, it can still give you a decent hill climbing experience. The model also features a remote control, 3 ride modes, and 80 mm strong grip wheels.

6. Boosted V3-T1

how fast can a boosted board go

This is the latest Boosted model, which has a little bit of everything. Since the brand hasn’t defined the speed of this skateboard, we are not sure about its performance. 

However, the model has exceptional features, including resilient motors, high grip wheels, shred lights, XR battery, and much more - ensuring a reasonable speed.

How Fast Can a Boosted Board Go Downhill? 

According to a thread on, riders have reached a maximum speed of 28 mph with a Boosted skateboard while going downhill. 

However, you must keep in mind that your board can shut down or lose brakes at high speeds. That’s because the power supply to radio interference and remote controls cuts down, resulting in an overcharging of a full battery.

So as soon as you hear a low battery beep on your remote, lower down your speed and reach a safe point.

Is Boosted Board Faster Than an Electric Skateboard Go?

The Stealth board has the potential of speeding up to 24 mph, which is 2 mph higher than the other Boosted boards. 

In contrast, electric skateboards have a speed range of 18 to 28 mph. However, there are a few electric skateboards that can even exceed up to 65 mph.

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What Impacts Boosted Boards’ Speed?

how fast do boosted boards go

How fast can a boosted board go? Well, these factors matter:

Battery and Power

The power capacity of the motor matters a lot in determining the speed of a skateboard. That’s why Boosted boards feature efficient motors with a power range of 1000-2000 watts.

Another critical aspect of a skateboard’s functionality is its battery charge. If you want to attain the top speed, you can only do it with a 100% battery. This means the lesser the battery’s performance, the lower the performance of the skateboard.

Thankfully, Boosted boards have a lasting battery and a powerful motor, ensuring great functionality all day long.


All skateboards travel faster on flat grounds than an upward incline. 

For instance, the Boosted Stealth has a 25% grade hill climbing while the Mini S has only 20%. This helps it maintain a higher speed on hills than the Mini S, despite slight differences in their top speeds.

Moreover, the ground surfaces also impact the speed of the Boosted boards.


The essence of a quality skateboard relies on the balance it offers. Luckily, Boosted boards come with ride modes and sensors, which act accordingly with the rider’s body weight to keep them stable and balanced.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity also contributes a lot in evaluating the functionality of skateboards. The higher the weight of the rider, the lower will be the top speed of the board. 

Generally, all Boosted boards can hold up to 250 pounds (113 kgs) weight. So if you weigh 154 pounds, you can enjoy the full speed and performance of your board effortlessly. 


Hopefully, now you know the top speeds of all the Boosted boards. If you’re looking to buy one, simply make a list of your preferences.

Then, choose the skateboard that matches your priorities the most, and enjoy a safe skateboard ride with a speed of up to 24 mph!

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