How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go – Speed Limits and Comparison

The introduction of electric skateboards, more popularly known as e-boards, has revolutionized the experience of skating. This portable mode of transport also helps make shorter journeys more enjoyable.

These electrically controlled skating boards are designed to help you get the most incredible speed. So if you wish to get from one point to another really fast, an e-board is just what you need!

But exactly how fast do electric skateboards go? This article will present detailed information about electric skateboards, their speed, and factors that affect the speed, along with some safety precautions.

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How Fast Does an Electric Skateboard Go

In most urban places, it is now customary to try new modes of transportation. With the rise in popularity of skateboards, they have become a must-buy portable means of transport. Most people choose electric skateboards because of their affordability, convenience, and portability.

However, the primary purpose of buying an electric skateboard is often just speed. So, whether you wish to race around for leisure or reach work on time, obviously you’d want to go fast. So how fast can an electric skateboard go?

Electric skateboards go from 18 to 28 miles per hour (29-45 km/h). However, the top speed differs from model to model as various factors affect the speed of an electric skateboard.

Some of the models can exceed the 40 miles per hour limit by improved wheels and motor power. Therefore there isn’t a fixed average speed for every model. However, some high-quality electric skateboards can go beyond 40 mph.

Average Speed of Electric Skateboard

how fast do electric skateboards go

The speed depends on the components, specs, deck, motor power, wheel shape and size, the rider’s weight, etc. With these factors influencing the speed, some e-boards top 65 km/h; therefore, if you compare them with traditional skateboards, they are faster for sure! But the average speed of every electric skateboard is around 18-28 mph.

A wireless hand-held remote controls the speed. There are different kinds of remotes with thumbwheels or thumb sliders. You can select to slide the thumbwheel forward or in reverse for backward motion.

Besides this, the rider’s body weight shifting between the front and the rear of the board also controls the speed. The front of the board promotes forward motion while the back controls the brake. The tilting of the board directs it to the right and left.

Electric Skateboards Fastest Models: Speed Comparison

Here is a list of the fastest skateboards on the market.

  1. Nextboard by NGV
  2. Bajaboards G4X
  3. Carvon Evo
  4. Fiik Spine
  5. Bajaboard G4

We have compared the specs and speeds of some of the fastest skateboards. Here is a detailed comparison.

1. The Nextboard by BGV

how fast can an electric skateboard go

The fastest electric skateboard is designed and manufactured by the Next Generation Vehicles (NGV). The Nextboard can hit a record-breaking speed of 60 miles per hour (95 km/h).

It has set the Guinness World Record for being the fastest electric skateboard. Besides this, you get four ranges for the speed, based on your battery. The speed limit of this e-board is 22 to 65 mph.

The deck is 103 centimeters long with a wheelbase of about 73 centimeters. In addition, the company made it from high-grade custom molded carbon fiber for outstanding durability.

Since the speed depends on the rider’s weight, this skateboard can climb 25% gradient hills with a weight of about 100 kgs at the speed of 15 miles per hour.

This speedy skateboard is powered by a 2000W motor with a 5000 mAh battery. It is remote-controlled, offering two settings for speed. In addition to this, it achieves the top speed within just ten to twelve seconds.

Fastest Speed = 68 mph.

2. Bajaboard G4X

how fast can electric skateboard go

Bajaboard G4X is a sturdy skateboard with the ability to be ridden over any terrain. This electric skateboard has two options for battery packs with three color options for shock absorber spring.

Besides this, it has a maple composite deck with ten inches diameter wheels. These wheels are integrated with 63 mm brushless belt-driven motors. The motors provide torque and braking to all the wheels.

There isn’t a set speed for this board, as you can ride it over the roughest surfaces. However, an average maximum speed could be around 37 mph with a range of 20 miles.

Fastest Speed = 37 mph.

3. Carvon Evo

how fast does an electric skateboard go

The Carvon Evo is a new version of Evo 4wd with more features. This e-board is built with a Landyachtz Evo deck with dual motors of 5000W. With a Samsung 30 battery pack, it can climb up to 15-grade hills.

It has a maximum range of up to 25 miles with a top speed of 40 mph.

Fastest Speed = 40 mph

4. Fiik Spine

how fast can a electric skateboards go

Fiik is an Australian skateboard manufacturing company that designed and manufactured the Fiik Spine. It claimed to be the world’s fastest electric skateboard; however, NVG’s Nextboard stole the spotlight.

Fiik Spine has an ultra-lite longboard style deck that weighs around 825 grams. However, the deck is flexible enough to support the weight of 100 kgs. Moreover, it has dual brushless outrunner motors that help with fast acceleration and extra torque.

The maximum range depends on the weight of the rider. However, it has an average range of about 20 km to 30 km in a single charge. In addition to this, it attained the top speed of 45 km/h.

Fastest Speed = 28 mph.

5. Bajaboard G4

how fast do electric skateboards go

Bajaboard G4 is a durable and fast electric skateboard that you can ride on various terrains. The general riding conditions cover grass, dirt, tarmac, etc. G4 is assembled with a maple composition deck with a load capacity of 100 kgs.

With the dual brushless belt driver motors, the G4 can climb 35% grade hills. In addition, the rear wheels have regenerative brakings.

The maximum range of the board depends on the battery you use. The 600W battery can go up to 15 miles, while the 900W battery can go 20 miles. The maximum speed of this electric skateboard is 31 mph.

Fastest Speed = 31 mph.

Can You Make Your Electric Skateboard Speedier?

Some technical factors, such as the build of your skateboard, play an essential role in making your e-board fast. However, there are some things that you can do to make your e-board go faster.

For instance, you will have to consider some factors such as harder wheels, battery, and voltage if you wish to make your e-board go faster.

how fast can an electric skateboard go

You can increase the top speed by incorporating higher voltage batteries, bigger wheels, and tighter gearing.

1. Bigger Wheels

Bigger wheels are faster as they tend to have a higher top speed. Plus, they have more momentum and tend to roll longer than smaller wheels.

Although bigger wheels are harder to push, they roll for much longer. This feature helps with cruising too.

Besides this, low-quality urethane wheels sag as they have poor rebound and also roll slowly. In contrast, high-quality wheels are made from durable urethane and have a high rebound with a strong core.

In conclusion, urethane and other wheel components affect the tires. High-quality urethane will make the wheel better as it will promote faster rolling.

2. Hard Wheels

A hard tire rolls faster while squishy tires slug along and lose momentum, they do not allow you to achieve a maximum speed.

The wheels absorb energy when they pound the road, so if you’re going fast, your squishy tire wouldn’t be able to support your speed. Since hard wheels have more rebound, they reflect as much energy as they get. So they accelerate and tend to maintain momentum.

3. Steeper Roads

Harder wheels reflect more road vibration. So road imperfections such as bumps might affect your speed.

Moreover, road bumps reduce the momentum, slowing you down. Therefore rougher roads are considered undesirable for skating. So if you wish to go faster, It’s best to take a smoother road.

4. More Aerodynamic

Aerodynamics makes a big difference when it comes to your speed on an electric skateboard. To get more aerodynamics, you need to reduce your surface area. It is the reason behind skateboarders bending when they aim for more speed.

The tucking position helps cut through the air. After that, you have to get your chest as close down as your knee as possible to close off air pockets. Again, it may help increase your speed.

So changing the wheel size and quality, choosing a better and smoother terrain, being aware of aerodynamics, and positioning yourself may make a huge difference. By following these tips, you should be able to reach the maximum speed. But safety is more important than speed; scroll to the end of the article for safety precautions.

Factors Affecting Your Electric Skateboard’s Speed

how fast can electric skateboard go

Some contributing factors to your electric skateboard’s speed are the motor, rider’s weight and balance, the shape and size of the wheels.

The material and the quality of the components also play an essential role in the speed of your e-board. For example, better quality components are durable and help you speed through rough terrains.

The most important factors that affect the electric skateboard’s speed are the motor and battery.


The crucial factor that determines the speed of an electric skateboard is the ratio of power to weight. Since the motor is the heart of the skateboard, it plays a vital role in determining the range and speed that you could achieve.

For example, if you want to achieve a maximum speed of 25 mph, you’ll need to upgrade the motor and power. It is why people recommend buying skateboards with durable and powerful motors.

The size of the motor and the power are directly proportional to the speed of your skateboard. Therefore skateboards with larger motors will always be faster.

Battery and Voltage

The battery’s power output is an essential factor that affects the speed of your electric skateboard, as the power output of the battery determines how much power is supplied to the motor. In addition, it changes how much power is sent to the wheels.

The more you use your motor, the faster you will go. However, this will also use up more energy. So when the battery begins to drain the motor and becomes less powerful, you experience a voltage sag when accelerating.

In addition to this, the electric skateboard’s motor power is built to use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries require a single charge. Therefore a low battery percentage might affect the speed of your skateboard.

To combat this issue, make sure that your battery is fully charged before you try to achieve the maximum speed limit.

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Safety Precautions

how fast does an electric skateboard go

On a dull day, you may want to experiment with the maximum speed of your skateboard as it is not only the perfect portable transport but also a fun ride. So it’s true that the faster it goes, the more exhilarating the ride.

Unfortunately, however, when we ride electric skateboards, we are constantly at risk for accidents.

More incredible speeds may eventually result in a crash, and if you aren’t wearing any protective gear, you may suffer from serious injuries.

As many people use skateboards for leisure, they do not wear any protective gear. As a result, they are at a greater risk for injuries. Therefore you must wear your safety gear at all times to yourself safe.

You may use hand gloves, a durable helmet, and knee and elbow pads for maximum protection. Also, remember to ride your skateboard on clear streets for a safe ride, as riding on a busy road may result in a road crash.

Also, it is best to ensure that the skateboard’s battery is fully charged as a sudden stoppage due to the low battery may also cause an accident.


Before you buy one of the fastest electric skateboards or if you wish to make your e-board go faster than before, make sure you read the regulations and speed limit of your country.

Boards that exceed speed limits of 20 mph must be registered and licensed. So make sure you check the rules and regulations before getting on your skateboard!

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