Onewheel vs Electric Skateboard – A Detailed Comparison Guide!

With the popularity of alternative mobility concepts, self-balancing Onewheel and electric skateboards have become mainstream. However, people are also questioning their practicality and legality.

So, if you wish to invest in a portable means of transport to run errands, have a leisure ride in the neighborhood, or practice self-balancing, what should you purchase? 

Here is a detailed guide on Onewheel vs electric skateboard to answer all your questions. In addition, you can read below to find out about their comparison, specs, and practicality. 

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onewheel vs electric skateboard

Onewheel is an exhilarating mode of transport that is a unique tool to train people who want to learn self-balancing on skateboards. Onewheel is a single-wheel board sport that people use for recreational skateboarding or as a means to commute.

These single-wheel boards are excellent for transportation and balance training. However, they do not contribute much to the sport of skateboarding beyond that. 

They are not like electric skateboards that involve motors and batteries. You can accelerate Onewheel simply by leaning the body weight. Moreover, you do not require any remote controls.

In this way, Onewheel remains true to skateboarding without generating extra power for higher speed limits. Instead, all it requires is energy to balance and move the board. 

Electric Skateboard vs Onewheel: Detailed Comparison

Deciding whether you should buy Onewheel or an electric skateboard seems like a daunting decision as both boards have their pros and cons. While both are great ways to have a fun ride, you will still need to make up your mind about your purchase.

electric skateboard vs onewheel

Here are some things you should consider before you opt for Onewheel or electric skateboard. 

Which One Has the Best Price?

The price is the first thing that you consider when you have to purchase an e-skateboard. The cost of an electric skateboard ranges from $400 to $3000. Every model has a different price, so it depends on what you want to buy. 

The electric skateboards have excellent quality; therefore, it ends up being a one-time purchase. An average model for skating would cost you around $1000. 

On the other hand, the Onewheel comes with a high retail market price of about $1500. However, if you consider your budget, an e-skateboard wins as they come with various price tags with a wide range of models.

Therefore you can easily find a skateboard that suits your needs and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

  • Winner: Electric Skateboard

Which One Has Better Range/Battery Life?

one wheel or electric skateboard

When we compare electric skateboard vs. Onewheel, one important consideration is their battery life or range. Onewheel could initially travel for about six miles on a single charge. However, with the progress and improvements in battery, the new Onewheel XR can travel 18 miles on a single charge. 

Onewheel requires additional energy to move the board and to balance it. Therefore it requires more energy to run than electric boards.

In contrast to this, if the battery on the e-board runs out, you can use it as a regular skateboard. But if your Onewheel runs out of battery, you wouldn’t be able to use it as a standard board. 

Therefore when it comes to battery performance, the electric skateboard performs better.

  • Battery Winner: Electric Skateboard

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Which One Offers Maximum Speed?

Electric skateboards are capable of traveling up to 25 miles per hour. Therefore, an e-skateboard will prove to be a better purchase if you require speed. In contrast, Onewheels can cruise at minimum speeds on rough terrains.

The Onewheel has a maximum speed limit of around 19 miles per hour. However, it rarely exceeds the speed of 15 mph. So if you’re looking for speed, then electric skateboards are preferable. 

  • Top Speed Comparison Winner: Electric Skateboard 

Safety and Brake: Which One Offers Better Safety?

onewheel vs electric skateboard

All the boardsports pose a threat to your safety as they are full of potential risks. So whether you buy an electric skateboard or a Onewheel skateboard, you’re equally at risk for an injury.

However, many people claim that Onewheels are more dangerous as compared to electric skateboards. It is because people confuse Onewheels for a regular electric skateboard.

As a result, they do not take precautions and refuse to understand and comprehend Onewheel before trying out its maximum speed limit.

If you overpower the motor in Onewheel, it shuts down. As a result, the board crashes into the ground causing the rider to fall as well. It usually happens when you try to hit 24 miles per hour on a Onewheel. 

However, the electric board poses similar threats as it causes voltage sags, slowing down when it has a low battery. The voltage sag allows you to react so you may slow down, preventing a possible accident. Therefore it’s safe to say that e-skateboards are better when it comes to safety. 

  • Safety Winner: Electric Skateboard 

Which One is Heavier? 

Electric skateboards do not require heavier technology and are therefore lighter as compared to Onewheels. However, some advanced models with more bells and whistles are heavier.

For example, the Boosted Board Stealth weighs around 17 pounds, while the Mini X model weighs 16.5 pounds. 

On the other hand, you’ll find that Onewheel is heavier as the manufacturer claims it is as durable as a tank. Onewheel is packed with many components composed of sturdy high-end materials that account for its weight.

Onewheel weighs around 25 pounds which is heavier than most models of e-skateboards. 

  • Weight Winner: Electric Skateboard 

Fun Factor: Which One Offers Best Enjoyment

electric skateboard vs onewheel

When we talk about electric skateboard vs. Onewheel, it is vital to mention the fun factor because while both the boards allow you to enjoy a leisure ride, Onewheel is what makes your ride unique. 

When you ride a Onewheel, you’re going to catch people’s attention. So, according to reviews, the head-turning effect of Onewheels is something that adds to the fun factor.

Onewheels may not be fast, but they are more fun to ride than the electric skateboard. Therefore it’s easy to say that Onewheel wins when it comes to the fun factor. 

  • Fun Factor Winner: Onewheel 

Learning Curve

one wheel or electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are simple to use even for beginners, as you can control them via a remote controller. All you have to do is stand on the board and propel yourself by using the controller to accelerate or decelerate.

In contrast, the Onewheel is unlike the skateboards and more like the snowboards. Skaters have to keep the right balance as Onewheel does not come with a controller. They also have to balance the deck by their body weight, so it isn’t very convenient for beginners as they’d require more practice and skill. 

Besides this, you’ll have to become more comfortable with the speed limit. It takes experience and skill to ride safely on the Onewheel, so it may take several rides for you to understand how it works.

Moreover, you’ll need to learn how fast or slow you could go on specific terrains. Although Onewheel skateboards are suitable for various terrains, you would still have to understand how pushback works. 

If you’re fond of carving and maneuverability, that may also take some time for you to learn. It’s vital to use the Onewheel in crowded areas to make yourself familiar with turns and navigation in pedestrian traffic.

  • Learning Curve Winner: Electric Skateboard

Controlling E-Skateboard vs One Wheel

onewheel vs electric skateboard

Electric skateboards require you to use a hand-held controller that helps you navigate your way. On the other hand, Onewheel does not have a controller. Instead, it only requires you to control the deck by using your body weight and positioning.

Hand-held controllers pose the risk of low battery. It may also get misplaced, broken, or forgotten.

Also, having your hands free on the Onewheel is more convenient as you can take pictures or enjoy a drink while riding. Therefore Onewheel provides more freedom as it makes your hands free while you take the leisurely ride. 

  • Controls Winner: Onewheel


You can ride the electric skateboard on smooth surfaces such as paved roads with fewer bumps. Road bumps, potholes, and cracks are likely to ruin your ride on the e-skateboard and may damage it too.  

In contrast, the Onewheel encourages people to explore new terrains. It can tackle all sorts of rugged landscapes as well. It allows you to make your way through the grass, or the beach. 

  • Terrain Comparison Winner: Onewheel

Which of the Two Offers Better Customization?

electric skateboard vs onewheel

When it comes to customizing your skateboard, you may find out that Onewheel is preferable in terms of a make-over. However, there are tons of ways you could personalize your Onewheel. 

From modifying your deck to customizing the whole way you use the board, these single-wheel boards allow you to work your way around them. 

You could change the fender, rails, bumper, footpads, flight fins, or even the handles. In addition to this, you can attach extra battery holders for modifications. Therefore we think that Onewheel offers versatility when it comes to changes and customizations. 

  • Customization Winner: Onewheel

Commuting and Practicality Comparison

Since most people buy a skateboard for transportation, we’ll compare the two boards in terms of commute and practicality. When we talk about the commute, riders have to go through different terrains to run an errand.

In this scenario, Onewheel is better as it allows you to make your way through the roughest of terrains. It is also convenient due to the large tire. 

In contrast to this, when we talk about speed, then e-skateboard is preferable. However, when you use alternative means of transport, speed shouldn’t be your number one concern as other factors such as practicality, controls, and terrain play a more critical role. 

Therefore, Onewheel is the winner when it comes to commute and practicality. 

  • Commute and Practicality Winner: Onewheel 

Electric Skateboard vs One Wheel Maneuverability

one wheel or electric skateboard

Electric skateboards allow you to carve and turn around obstacles, but if you genuinely only wish to carve and rotate, then Onewheel is more fitting. If you’re experienced, you’d be able to turn 90 degrees, and with practice and skill, you may even have the advantage of doing a complete 180-degree turn with the Onewheel.

Although you may think that Onewheel weighs more so it may be difficult to rotate. However, that’s false. You can navigate your way through crowded streets and even turn there with ease. 

On the other hand, electric skateboards require a turning radius. It means that you won’t maneuver easily in crowded areas if you don’t have your required turn radius.

Moreover, a greater radius means that your turn will be heavier and slower. Therefore, when we talk about maneuverability, Onewheel has the edge over electric skateboards. 

  • Maneuverability Winner: Onewheel 

Who is Onewheel For?

If you want to buy a skateboard solely to enjoy a ride, then you should choose Onewheel. The reason being that your primary concern is not speeding or reaching the maximum speed limit but rather trying new terrains, maneuvering around obstacles, and enjoying the ride. In that case, we suggest that you get the Onwheel. 


  • Better cruising experience 

  • More durable deck

  • Suitable for rough terrains

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Trains you for self-balancing


  • Requires skill and practice

  • Weighs more

Who is an Electric Skateboard For?

If you live in an area with better road conditions, and your primary concern is speed, then an electric skateboard is just what you need. When you buy an e-skateboard, the most important factor to consider is that you can mostly ride it over smoother surfaces. 

Therefore, make sure that if you’re looking for a speedy board, the route you’ll take is a well-paved route with fewer bumps and potholes. 


  • Lightweight

  • Easy to learn

  • Versatile 

  • It has a higher speed limit 

  • Safer to use 

  • It comes with a controller


  • More expensive 

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Electric skateboards are preferable if you want to go fast to cover longer distances, while the Onewheel is just what you’d want if you want to enjoy the cruise. So when we talk about onewheel vs electric skateboard, there isn’t a definitive winner. 

They both have different designs to serve different purposes. Therefore, you will have to check your requirements, read the comparison accordingly to select what you want to buy. 

Whether you select the electric skateboard or the Onewheel, we hope that you enjoy the ride! 

Dario Yore

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