Does electric skateboarding burn calories? What are the other health benefits?

Obesity is a big problem in America right now. The obesity rate in adults over 20 years old is 40% and this number shows no sign of decreasing. Many ways have been used to lose weight, but they do not seem to bring considerable
results because patients often give up halfway.

It has been found that the best way to lose weight is to combine recreation and exercise such as skateboarding and weight loss. So, does electric skateboarding burn calories as much as regular skateboarding? Read this article until the end and you will know the answer. 

You can also guess that these 2 sports are not the same. In regular skateboarding, you will have to use a lot of energy to push the board and perform tricks. While the motor part in the electric skateboard does all the work for you.

The movement you do is only to lean your body to the direction you want. This doesn’t take too much energy. What really burns your calories is your brain. Riding an electric skateboard makes your brain work hard to think how to make calculated decisions, remember your route, stay safe, avoid vehicles and pedestrians, and watch for your obstacles.

Does electric skateboarding burn calories? What are the other health benefits?
If you concentrate really hard on your riding, you will burn some calories. The average person uses up to 320 calories thinking, this number can increase by 5% depending on the complexity of the task or activity. If you’re cruising
around town and relaxing on an electric  skateboard, you burn almost nothing.

To ride an electric skateboard, you will need to maintain your balance, center of gravity, and stability. This is similar to riding a balance board. For one hour of riding on a balance board, your body will burn up to 100 calories to keep your balance. So in total, you will burn about 50-100 calories in an hour of electric skateboarding including your thinking and balance.

If you ride on a long route, the calories you burn will be considerable. If you feel your feet and ankles get really sore and exhausted, that is a sign that you have put in a lot of muscles to maintain stability. This is great for
burning calories

Other health benefits of electric skateboards

  • Electric skateboarding helps you maintain a good mental health. Electric skateboarding is fun and it’s the best way to reduce stress. 

In many cases, electric skateboards take you out of the house, take your eyes off the computer, phone, or television screen to go out and enjoy the fresh air and the nature around. Fresh air has a lot of benefits to your health. It
helps neutralize your heart rate, improve your blood pressure, digest food better, and boost your immune system.

We travel a lot every day from home to school/work, this can cause heavy stress. The traffic jams, crowded rides, traffic noise, rude or angry commuters, and/or bad weather are what you may encounter on the street. An electric
skateboard will drive the anxiety, fatigue, and distraction caused by the city traffic and other bad things away.

  • It increases your heart beats which helps to transport more blood and oxygen to the brain. You will no longer feel headaches.

Riding electric skateboard every day is very good for your health

To calculate accurately the amount of calories you burn when you eskate, buy a smartwatch or a bracelet that can measure calories consumption. These devices help track the energy and physical activity in a specific time.

The amount of calories burnt depends on some other factors like rider’s height, weight, and the time you spend on your e-skateboard. Also, your body will become more flexible due to the skills you naturally gain when skateboarding.

Electric skateboarding strengthen your muscles

When you skate on a regular skateboard, your body works hard to perform tricks. The most active parts include the legs, thighs, the main muscles of the torso, glutes and hamstrings. In electric skateboarding, the process remains pretty the same that you will use your legs to maintain balance during the ride except for performing tricks. Gradually, you will see your legs more muscular and simmer.

In conclusion, electric skateboarding does help to burn calories and promote weight loss, but will take more time to lose the weight you want because you don’t work as hard as when you skateboard. However, consider the other
benefits of electric skateboards, and using an electric skateboard instead of a motorbike or car is also a good idea.

Dario Yore

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