Top 10 basic electric skateboard tricks for beginners

The biggest difference between an electric skateboard and a traditional skateboard is the motor part. Riding an e-skateboard is easier than a traditional one, just press the panel and go! It will be more fun if you combine some tricks suitable for motorized skateboards. This article will provide you some simple electric skateboards tricks, but let’s learn the basic safety rules first.

Some Basics you need to know when riding an electric skateboard

Before you can perform the tricks, be sure to know how to balance on the board. Place your feet properly. Specifically, your feet should be spaced apart on the surface of the board with your front foot pointing outwards, and your back foot aligned to your shoulders.

electric skateboard tricks

Relax your body so you can move flexibly, otherwise your nervousness will throw you off the eboard. Start slowly, ride at lowest speed, and gradually increase your speed as you get used to the board. Be aware of your surroundings including traffic, pedestrians, and objects to keep you safe.

Next, stopping suddenly is very dangerous. It can break your bones. Try to give yourself sufficient time to react and stop or jump off the board.

Read the user manual carefully, especially the buttons on the control panel, to avoid pressing the wrong button while rolling. One tip for you is to set the speed to 20mph and don’t press the button anymore. That will keep you from constant speed change. Practice with the board regularly so your body adjusts to it faster, then you will be able to speed up.

Make a commitment to yourself. Since you are new to electric skateboarding, you probably feel it is difficult. You will probably fall a lot on your first day, but stick to it for at least a week. You should learn how to ride an electric skateboard step by step. Once you get fun and comfortable on the motorized board, you can start working
on the tricks.

Before hitting the road with your e-board:

– Equip yourself with safety gear, especially the helmet.

– Check the brake

– Check the speed

– Put the remote control on your pocket

Although electric skateboarding is fun, you should prioritize your safety. Please make sure you follow the safety tips!

How to do Electric skateboard tricks?

Trick #1: Ghostride Kickflip

While your eboard is moving, you jump off the board, kick the under part of your deck hard enough to flip it all the way around and land back on the wheels. Quickly jump back on and continue riding.

Ghostride Kickflip

Trick #2: Shuvit

This trick’s original name is Ty Hop coming from Ty Page who is a popular skater. To do this trick you put your front foot near the top of the board, not too high up on the nose and not too far down.

 The back foot position is more important. Keep your back foot on the pooch of the deck, and hang your toes over the board. Press your tail, then your board will lean frontward. At the same time, use the back foot to shove the board and make a full 180-degree turn and land back to the same pose.

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Trick #3:Cross stepping

This is an easy trick to do for beginners. It gives you the feeling of dancing. Start by placing one leg forwards, pull it backwards, and then throw your back foot to the front. Then you will go back on top of the electric skateboard. You can repeat this movement constantly.

Trick #4: Stand up slide

What you first do is to set-up a carve. Then you are going to lean heel side and put 60% of weight on your front foot. Next, you turn your hip and shoulders in the direction you are sliding, and kick out with your back foot.

At the same time, lean back quite a bit as you kick out your back foot. The last movement is to lean forward a bit more as you come into the end of your slide and put both feet on the board evenly weighted.

Trick #5: Flat Top

This is another easy electric skateboard trick for beginners to master in no time.

The first thing you need to know is feet positioning. You will put your back foot on the top of the tail with a lot of the toes hanging out so you can push it more easily. And then, you’re gonna have your front foot in the middle of the

Next important thing is the grab. Grab your board with your right hand on the left side of the board if you are a Goofy, and your left hand on the right edge if you are a Regular. Grab the board with four fingers on the back side of your eboard, and your thumb pointing down on the front side of the board. That way you can rotate the board and make it do 180-degree.

Pop the board up with your back foot, jump front foot to the left side of the board(if you are a Goofy) and bend that knee while your right hand will hold the board and turn to the right if you are Goofy and left if you are Regular. Rotate your body and the board at the same time with your left leg in the air, then jump up and land with both feet on the board.

Trick #6: Walk the plank

Put your front foot towards the front of your board and swing your back leg around to make a 90 -degree angle. Next, point your front foot towards the back of the board and take two steps towards the back, jumping off your front foot landing back with a goofy stance. The whole movement looks like you are walking in the plank.

Trick #7: No comply

This one is quite similar to Shuvit which means you are going to do some flipping and popping. Place one foot in the center and the other foot is in the middle of the tail. Then pop the tail up and make a 180-degree turn. Let your center foot glide while the other foot is still on the board. Twist both your body and the deck 180-degree. That’s it!

Trick #8: Chop the wood

For a goofy stance, jump to the heel side of the board with front foot while kicking your back foot out; then jump back to toe side, then heel side, then toe side again. You will look like you are dancing on your board if you do it right.

Trick #9: The Shanker

Point your front foot toward the front of your board, bring your back leg around in the nose, then pop it back as you spin around your foot, land back in a Goofy stance. Remember one foot will be kept on the board all the time and the
other will move around.

Trick 10: Spin Big

Step one leg on your eboard nose, the other leg is in the middle. Use your whole upper body and you look away from your spin and push up to make a 180-degree turn. While your board is about to finish its spinning, you rotate your body in a 360-degree angle over the board. In other words, your board spins a half round, and you do the full circle.

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