How Does an Electric Skateboard Work – Things You Should Know

If you grew up in the '90s, you must’ve heard about Tony Hawk or played pro skater 1. Skateboarding was first introduced in the 1940s, but it has recently gained more popularity due to its inclusion in the 2020 Olympics. These days you can find a skate park, skate shop, or people who love to skate in almost every country.

But as skateboarding gains popularity, it raises specific questions amongst those new to the sport. For example, which board should you pick? How exactly do you take care of your skateboard?

In this article, we will be discussing the electric skateboard. We will take you over all the essential details, such as the mechanics of your electric skateboard and how to use it. So, if you're a skateboard enthusiast, keep on reading! 

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Electric Skateboard Working

If you’ve got an electric skateboard but don’t know how it works, we've got you covered! 

So, how does an electric skateboard work? Simply put, an electric skateboard works by sending signals from your remote control to the motor of your board. Electromagnetic waves transferred from the remote help move your electric skateboard. 

how does a electric skateboard work

Unlike regular skateboards, which require you to use balance and weight to move around, using an electric skateboard is slightly different yet extremely easy. Underneath your electric skateboard, you will find a motor that can be controlled either by a remote or just with your weight.

The remote can help you control speed and brakes. It does so by sending signals to your skateboard's motor, making you glide with ease. 

Unlike a standard skateboard, you don't have to push kick to give yourself momentum since you can stand on your board and use the remote to help you go forward. Another thing to keep in mind while using an electric skateboard is that you can brake simply by pressing the remote, no need to use your foot to stop the board physically. 

Not everyone has the balance to ride a regular longboard; luckily, an electric skateboard is insanely easy to use. But remember, safety first! Since an electric skateboard gains speed fast, you need to make sure you're careful.

Always remember to wear knee pads and a helmet and ride your electric skateboard on empty pavements. 

Vital Parts of an Electric Skateboard

how does an electric skateboard work

An electric skateboard has a similar appearance as any standard longboard. The main part is the deck, which is the board you stand on while skateboarding. Just like with typical longboards, the deck on your electric skateboard is made of materials like wood or fiberglass. 

The deck needs to be stable, so make sure you find a sturdy electric skateboard. You can also customize your deck with different skins, just like the normal skateboard. Another cool thing is that you can also find different deck shapes, which you can choose according to your preference. 

An electric skateboard also has wheels, which you can pick and customize as per your liking. The wheels help your board move, and so you must choose the right kind. Professional skateboarders usually choose larger 58-62mm wheels, which are best for skating at ramps and parks.

For electric skateboards, 80a-90a are good if you're using your board to just cruise around. But if you want to use your electric skateboard for tricks, try using 101a wheels. 

But what makes an electric skateboard different from a normal one? Here are some of the parts that make up an electric skateboard:


The motor is what makes your electric skateboard move. Your electric skateboard usually has a motor inside the wheels, which is called the hub motor. 

Another type of motor that most electric skateboards use is a belt motor that works similar to the mechanics of a bicycle. A belt motor tends to be more resistant to water and heat than a hub motor.

Remote Control

The remote control is another important part of an electric skateboard since it helps you brake and accelerate. You need to press or slide the button to help your board move forward. 

The remote works by transferring electromagnetic waves to your skateboard's motor and is one of the things that makes this type of skateboard different from normal ones.


Just like any mechanical device, an electric skateboard contains a battery that helps power your board. 

Most electric skateboard batteries will last around three years. 

How Electric Skateboard Parts Work Together

how do electric skateboards work

So now that we have talked about the different parts of an electric skateboard let's talk about how it works. When you press buttons on your remote control, it sends signals to your skateboard via Bluetooth, making your board move. 

But despite there being a remote control, you still need to shift your weight forward if you want to make your board turn in a specific direction. 

The remote, however, helps you control the speed of your board. When you press a button on your remote, the electronic speed controller enables you to maintain the perfect pace.

How to Use an Electric Skateboard

Using an electric skateboard is relatively easy and a lot of fun. Before you hop on your board, make sure you have the proper gear because no one wants to get a nasty scrape. Once you've got your gear on, you can stand on your board and power it up. 

If you're a beginner, make sure you have enough space to practice. Start by going slow, and try to figure out what speed works best for you. Then, as with a regular skateboard, you need to shift your weight for your board to change direction.

Once you've got the knack for it, you can try out different speeds and even take your board for a ride at the skatepark!


Electric skateboards are great for commuting or just for a fun day skating around. Once you get the hang of it, you'll indeed have a lot of fun riding your electric board. 

We hope this article helped you understand how an electric skateboard works and know about the different parts of the e-skateboard.

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