How long should I charge my electric skateboard?

Have you just bought an electric skateboard? If yes, then you may have many confusions in your mind related to its battery and charging time. 

You probably do not want to ruin your ride with insufficient battery power. So the question is, how long should I charge my electric skateboard?

There are various models of electric skateboards, and the charging time varies. It can even take up to five hours. 

Read on to find the exact charging time for your electric skateboard!

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How Long Do Electric Skateboards Take to Charge Fully? 

Buying a durable electric skateboard is not enough. Charging time matters a lot when you want your electric skateboard to last longer.

The required charging time depends on the brand and model you are using. On average, it may take two to five hours to fully charge the battery.

For instance, Acton Blink S2 takes one hour and 30 minutes to fully charge. On the flip side, Metroboard X takes up to five hours for a 100% battery charge. However, the latter has a more long-lasting, powerful battery.

how long should i charge my electric skateboard

Moreover, you should consider the battery capacity and charging time before buying a board. For your convenience, here is a list of some popular electric skateboards along with their charging time:

  • Acton Blink S2: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Aeboard GT: 5 hours

  • Backfire Galaxy G2t: 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Boosted Mini S: 1 hour 15 minutes

  • Boosted Mini X: 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Evolve GTR: 4 to 5 hours

  • Boosted Plus: 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Evolve GT: 2 to 5 hours

  • Inboard M1: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Aeboard AE1: 3 to 5 hours

  • MetroboardX: 5 hours

  • Ownboard W2: 2 to 3 hours

  • Starkbaord: 2 hours

  • WowGo 3:2 hours 30 minutes

  • Riptide Boards: 3 to 5 hours

  • Teamgee boars: 2 hours

How Often Do You Need to Charge an Electric Skateboard?

Recharging electric skateboards for a specific time period is crucial as it directly affects the battery lifespan. If you use your electric skateboard often, then make sure to charge it periodically. What if you do not use it more often?

Like laptops and smartphones, electric skateboards typically use Lithium-ion batteries. However, if you do not use the batteries regularly, they do not last long.

So, if you want to avoid replacements and repairs, follow the charge time for electric skateboards. Also, charge your electric skateboard every six months to maintain the battery's 50% status if it’s not in regular use.

Charge Time for Electric Skateboards

Charging an Electric Skateboard Overnight

The answer to this question is a big NO. As mentioned earlier, an electric skateboard uses the same lithium-ion battery as other standard rechargeable devices. Therefore, charging it overnight will affect the battery's capacity and reduce its lifespan.

So, it is recommended to charge it within the given average time instead of leaving it plugged in overnight.

Charging Tips for an Electric Skateboard 

Charging your electric skateboard is as easy as charging your phone. The basic process is quite the same:

  1. Connect the adapter to the electric source. When plugged in correctly, the light of the charger turns green.
  2. Plug in the other end of the charger to your board. In the majority of the electric skateboards, the charging port is under the deck. But if you are unable to find it, check your skateboard's manual.
  3. Once everything is plugged in, the green light of your charger turns red. The red light shows that the board is charging.
  4. The red light turns green again once your board is fully charged.


how long should i charge my electric skateboard

The charging procedure may sound effortless, but there are many factors to consider if you want a long-lasting battery. Here are some valuable charging tips to save you from costly repairs and to maximize the battery’s life:

  • Ideally, you should let your board’s battery cool down before using it after every charge. Similarly, avoid charging it immediately after use. Perhaps wait for at least half an hour. 

  • Regenerative braking is applicable in the case of electric skateboards for charging.

  • You might have heard it before: Never charge your battery to 100%. The same rule goes for a skateboard battery. Instead, reduce the average charging time of your model by 15 minutes from the time required to charge it fully. 

  • It would be best if you utilized the charger that you got with your skateboard. If your charger gets damaged, always buy a new one directly from the manufacturer. 

  • Like overcharging, avoid undercharging too. Always try to charge it up to 80%.

  • The ideal storage temperature for an electric skateboard's battery is 5 – 20° Celsius.

  • If you are not using your skateboard for months, then do not forget to recharge it periodically. Retain the battery status up to 40 to 50%. At the same, don’t leave it fully charged for months. 

  • To prevent overcharging and discharging, use a battery management chip. 

  • You should always make sure that there is no moisture near the battery socket while you are charging. You must follow this tip even if your electric skateboard is water-resistant.

Common E-Skateboard Charging Questions 

If you have any other questions about your electric skateboard's battery and charger, here are some FAQs that might clear your ambiguities.

What If I Use Other Chargers? 

You should never use any other charger other than the one you received with your electric skateboard. In case of damage, buy a new charger for your battery which the manufacturer approves. 

Chargers other than the original are not compatible with your electric skateboard. If you use other chargers, the battery's performance, lifespan, and capacity may be reduced.

What is the Cost of Charging An Electric Skateboard?

how long should i charge my electric skateboard

The cost to charge an electric skateboard depends on your battery's capacity and electricity rate. The battery capacity of various electric skateboards is between 95 to 576 WH (Watt per hour). And the electricity rate is different for every place. However, it costs up to 18 cents (USD) on average to charge an electric skateboard. 

What is the Electric Skateboard Charging Frequency? 

The required charging time depends on your electric skateboard's range, battery capacity, and how regularly you use it. The charging frequency is different for regular skateboarders and occasional ones. Electric skateboards need charging more often if you go for a ride every day. If you use it daily, you can charge it once a week but not for long.

However, it does not mean that it needs no charging when not in use. Recharge the battery even if your electric skateboard is not being used. On average, you should charge it once every four to six months. It is vital to maintain the battery status up to 40 to 50%. Neglecting it will shorten the battery's life cycle.

Are There Fast Chargers for My Electric Skateboard? 

The chargers of electric skateboards are typically AC adapters. The power output of chargers of electric skateboards lies within the range of 50 to 200 W. 

But now fast chargers are available too. They charge your boards faster than a typical charger. A regular charger has 82 W power output on average.

On the flip side, fast chargers offer up to 200 W of power output. Moreover, the majority of the board manufacturers provide fast chargers within the packaging. For instance, you will get a fast charger in the box when you buy Backfire Galaxy G2t and MetroboardX. 

How Long Does the E-Skate Battery Last On One Charge? 

Your electric skateboard's battery life for one charge depends on the model and battery size. The majority of the board uses standard batteries that are Lithium-ion batteries. Cheap skateboards do not have a good capacity.

On average, you can cover a range of somewhere between 11 to 50 miles for one charge. But here are some of the best electric skateboards, along with their range in miles for a full charge:

how long should i charge my electric skateboard
  • Aeboard AX: 10 to 34 miles

  • Aeboard AE3: 13 to 27 miles

  • Backfire G2 Black: 11 miles

  • Backfire Ranger X3: 19 miles

  • Bajaboard: 24 miles

  • Bajaboard Pantera: 28 miles

  • Bioboard Thorium X: 50 miles

  • Boosted Mini X: 14 miles

  • Boosted Stealth: 14 miles

  • Backfire G3: 15 miles

  • Backfire Mini: 9 miles

  • Exway Atlas: 31 miles

  • Exway Wave: 14 miles

  • Meepo City Rider 2: 24 miles

  • Meepo V3: 11 to 20 miles

  • MetroboardX: 30 miles

  • Onsra Black Carve: 26 miles

  • Revel Kit: 7 to 15 miles

  • Vester Black Hawk: 32 miles

  • Verreal RS: 22 miles

Read your electric skateboard's manual to discover what type of battery it uses and how much range it can cover.

If we talk about battery life, it may last between 300 to 1000 charge cycles. So it means you can use it for 1 to 3 years if you use it daily. But the battery life can last up to 10 years if you prefer rides only on weekends. 


It is necessary to take care of your electric skateboard's battery and charging time. You can make its capacity and life last longer by following the charging tips mentioned earlier. Your electric skateboard is nothing without its battery. Make sure to maintain it properly.

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