What are common problems with electric skateboards

An electric skateboard is like any other electronic device that will sometimes stop working without notice. Although you may not have come across this situation before, believe me, it will happen sooner or later. So prepare yourself
some necessary knowledge to be able to cope with the situation where electric skateboards won’t start.

Identify the reasons why your board isn’t working

To be able to figure out a solution, you must first know which part of your board is having problems. Pay attention to its symptoms.

+ If you cannot turn on the skateboard, chances are the battery is damaged.

+ If speed wobbles appear during your ride, it’s probably your trucks

+ If the remote does not work, it may be out of battery or the connection to the board is having problems.

What are common problems with electric skateboards and how to fix them?

Your board won’t turn on:

Like I said earlier, if your board won’t turn on, your battery may be damaged by water or a short circuit. Try charging your battery for 30 minutes then try turning it on again. If the battery is still unresponsive then you should
bring it for repair, or check the manufacturer’s website for instructions on what to do next.

Speed wobbles: This is a very common problem that happens to every electric skater. Before each ride, check your trucks and make sure they are not too loose. In addition, if you experience speed wobbles while riding, try changing your stance by
putting more weight on the front foot.

Unable to charge battery: Review your travel schedule to see if the e-skateboard is passing through an area with a lot of water, if so it is most likely damaged by the water. Ensure the input power is stable and is working. Try turning the skateboard on and off a few times and holding the battery button for a few seconds. At this point, if your battery still shows no signs of being charged, read more on the manuals provided by your skateboard manufacturer.

Trucks and wheels are not aligned with each other: You can fix it yourself at home, but do a careful measurement before realigning them. If you keep this for a long time, not only the trucks and wheels but also the underside of the deck will be damaged, and you will end up
purchasing new parts.

Board ride improperly: Quite similar to speed wobbles but this is a broader issue. It can be difficult to control your board to turn to the direction you want. It could be trucks or wheels that are too loose or too tight. Try tightening, if that doesn’t work, do the opposite. If the problem is still not completely resolved, then try to disassemble the parts and swap the wheels to see if it gets better.

Trucks make weird noise: Examine your trucks, maybe because trucks are too loose or too tight. Also, check the screws to see if they are loose.

Bad acceleration and speed: If your electric skateboard is old, it is possible that the batteries have also weakened and you may have to replace them with new ones to get the desired e-board speed. In the event that you have just bought the board but have encountered this problem, there must be some underneath parts that are having problems. Flip your board and hit the throttle to see how the wheels and motor respond.

Next check for any debris stuck in the wheel and brake system (sometimes it brakes automatically due to pinching). In addition, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Braking makes noise: Maybe something is stuck in the brake system, or the belt tension is causing noise. This task is quite complicated because you need to remove the motor cover to re-adjust the belt. A special tool kit and a careful consultation from the manufacturer’s instructions are required.

E-board stops / accelerates suddenly: This is a very common problem. The reason may be the influence of common frequency 2.4 Ghz interrupting the connection of the board and the controller. To solve the problem, buy an
electric skateboard remote control with channel-hopping and encryption system.

Regular maintenance is important

What are common problems with electric skateboards? - Handy tips to repair your board
This means that if you take care of your skateboard carefully and regularly enough, you will also benefit from it more. Many people throw the board somewhere and only take it when they need it. If you are doing so, don’t ask why
problems keep happening to you and stealing your thunder.

You should maintain your board as regular as possible, preferably after each ride. If you don’t have time, at least 4 times a week. Checking your e-board will help you spot problems sufficiently and get them resolved right away.
Priority check the wheel, trunk, and look for debris stuck in the board parts.

Make sure everything is tightened, but be careful not to be too tight or the screws will break and the board will have to be repaired more often. If the grip tape peels off, replace it with a new one so you don’t fall while riding.

If you have problems with your electric skateboard, consider all the options. Examine it and see if you can fix it yourself, and if not get help from a repair person. In general, these problems can be avoided if you properly
maintain your boards.

E-skateboards these days are much better than they used to be. With just a little care, I rarely encounter the problems mentioned above, and you will, too. Even if you have a problem, I believe you will know what you need to do.

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