Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Australia ? Here is Your Answer

Whether you want to buy an electric skateboard or already own one, one question that’s bothering you is probably: are electric skateboards legal in Australia to ride on roads?

Lucky for you, we have already done the research to answer your query in this article. Moreover, you’ll also learn about the laws of each Australian state and territory regarding electric skateboards. 

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Is Electric Skateboarding Legal in Australia?

The answer to this question depends on the location or region where you want to ride an electric skateboard. For example, some states in Australia consider e-skateboards as Personal Mobility Device (PMD), while others categorize them as motorized vehicles or electric scooters.

That’s why it’s essential to understand the transport rules of all the Australian states.

E-Skateboards in Australia

Australian law considers e-skateboards as “wheeled recreational devices.” It means they fall under the same category as skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and electric vehicles with a motor of fewer than 200 watts.

are electric skateboards legal in australia

Electric Skateboards in Queens Land

According to Queensland law, the electric skateboard is a personal mobility device with wheels legal in some footpaths and roadways only if the skater rides to the left. However, it’s illegal to ride an electric skateboard on highways.

Furthermore, there are some restrictions on the riders of electric skateboards such as:

  • The rider should be more than 16 years and wear a helmet.

  • You shouldn’t exceed the speed limit of 25km per hour.

  • There can only be one person on the PMD.

  • You shouldn’t drink before riding an e-skateboard. Similarly, the use of mobile phones while riding is prohibited.

  • It’s essential to install a white light on the front and red light or reflector on the back to ride the e-skateboard at night.

  • It’s recommended to use e-skateboards on the paths; however, you can ride on roads that don’t have a median strip or a dividing line with a speed limit of 50km per hour.

  • It’s illegal to ride an electric skateboard on main streets or roads in Brisbane CBD.

In case of any violation, the traffic police can charge the rider a fine of AUD 45.

Electric Skateboard Legality in NSW (New South Wales)

are electric skateboards legal in south australia

Unfortunately, electric skateboards are illegal in NSW and aren’t registered as other road vehicles. It means you only get to ride them on private property.

Conversely, regular skateboards are legal within the state, allowing you to ride them on bike lanes and the left side of the footpaths.

Electric Skateboards in Victoria

Just like in NSW, according to VicRoads, it’s illegal to ride an electric skateboard in Victoria in public areas, footpaths, and public roads.

Nonetheless, the good news is that the Victorian Government has agreed to consider electric scooter trials to be conducted in QLD, SA, and the Northern region. Furthermore, it will review the long-term impact of using an e-scooter while the ministry for Roads and Road Safety will offer the recommendation when the trial ends.

SA (South Australia) Electric Skateboard Laws

As discussed above, e-skateboards are illegal in NSW and VIC but not in QLD, but are electric skateboards legal in South Australia?

According to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport in SA, motorized skateboards are banned on bicycle tracks, footpaths, parking lots, and roads. Furthermore, the police impose heavy fines on those who violate the rule.

However, you can e-skateboard on private land. Similar to NSW, you can ride regular skateboards on the roads, bicycle tracks, footpaths, and parks.

are electric skateboards legal in western australia

WA (Western Australia) Electric Skateboard Laws

You already know e-skateboards are illegal in South Australia, and you must be wondering, are electric skateboards legal in Western Australia? Yes, according to the Department of Transport in WA, it’s illegal to ride the e-skateboards on footpaths, roads, and public lanes.

That’s why you should ride electric skateboards only on private property and not on public roads.

Can You Ride an Electric Skateboard in NT (Northern Territory)?

The Northern Territory doesn’t consider e-skateboards illegal. However, according to the government, motorized scooters don’t meet the basic requirements of the safety standards of the rest of the registered road vehicles.

It means you can’t ride e-skateboards on public roads but only on private land.

Can You Ride an Electric Skateboard in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory)?

The good news is that electric skateboards have been legal in the ACT since December 20th, 2019. ACT considers the electric skateboards as PMD, thus allowing you to ride them on shared paths, footpaths, bicycle paths, and even the bicycle side of separated paths.

Conversely, you shouldn’t ride an e-skateboard on either road or bicycle lanes.

Moreover, you should know the requirements while riding an e-skateboard and other PMDs:

  • It’s essential to wear an approved helmet.

  • There should be a warning device or bell on your PMD.

  • You should never use a mobile device while riding an electric skateboard.

  • It’s essential to install lights and reflectors on the electric skateboard right at night.

  • You should not carry another passenger.

  • It’s your responsibility to give way to the pedestrians and always keep to the left.

Electric Skateboarding in TAS (Tasmania): Legal or Not 

are electric skateboards legal in australia

The Department of State Growth in Tasmania announced new laws about motorized devices in 2009. According to the new rule, the motor of the e-scooter should be less than 200 watts of power. It means the skaters can ride the e-skateboards on some roads and paths while wearing a helmet.

What is the Future of Electric Skateboard Laws?

The last couple of years have witnessed progress in the discussion regarding PMD. That’s why, in 2019, the ministers decided to consider PMD in the Australian Road Rules.

The Electric Riders in Australia have started a petition for the reinforcement of the regulations regarding e-scooters. The petition’s target is to get more than ten thousand signatures before the legislative amendments are presented to the ministers.


If someone asks you are electric skateboards legal in Australia, you can say it depends on the state. To sum up, electric skateboards are illegal in most parts of Australia, with the exception of QLD, ACT, and TAS. Obviously, there are some restrictions about riding electric skateboards within those regions.

It’s better to keep yourself updated about the state’s rules to keep yourself updated regarding the regional regulations about electric skateboards.

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