Electric Skateboard Remote Controls – The Ultimate Guide

For electric skateboards, a great remote is a top factor for quality rides. So what types of e-skateboard remote controls do you need to match your e-skateboard? This article will help you better understand this little buddy. 

There are two electric skateboard terms that you need to understand: remote control and electric speed controller. Simply, a remote is a miniature computer that you hold in your hand to adjust the speed. 

Electric Speed Controller (ESC) is an electronic board already attached to the skateboard that receives signals from the remote control and performs operations on the board, such as ride fast, slow, brake, etc.

Different types of remote control

different types of electric skateboard remote controls

There are many types of remote controls of varying styles and sizes. You can see the attached image below:

Which ESC to choose?

If you are buying a pre-assembled electric skateboard, there is no need to decide which one to buy. Unless the current ESC breaks, you will have to consider buying a new one. In this case you can use whatever ESC fits the board and your needs. On the market today, there are 3 main types of ESC: LingYi, Hobbywing, and VESC.

electric skateboard remote
Each ESC will be only compatible with remotes of the same type: LingYi ESCs will be compatible with LingYi remotes, Hobbywing ESC only compatible with Hobbywing ESC remotes, VESCs are only compatible with VESCs remotes.

The majority of devices with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity use 2.4GHz frequency to communicate, and the same goes for the electric skateboard remotes. Because of the popularity of this type of frequency, your electric skateboard
will be affected as well, especially in crowded cities.

The disconnects can cause your board unresponsive, sudden stops, or sudden acceleration. It is really dangerous if one of these happens while you are performing electric skateboard tricks. Currently, manufacturers have designed a number of remotes that are capable of channel-hopping and encryption to avoid sudden disconnection.

If you are looking for a remote control, check out our list below.

1. VX2 Pro remote

electric skateboard remote control 1
What we love about the VX2 is that it has an accurate display of your speed and you can easily track the mileage. In addition, cruise control mode keeps your thumbs from getting tired while enjoying riding.

2. VX1 remote

electric skateboard remote control 2
The VX2 is considered to be quite similar to the Boosted remote, however it is significantly smaller in size and has no deadman switch. Although the price of this product is not too high, it is very well used in DIY builds and
high-end production boards thanks to its robust receiver.

3. Hoyt Pucks

electric skateboard remote control 3
This is one of the things that makes telemetry highly appreciated in the esk community thanks to its smart receiver that will jump channels and avoid sudden disconnections when traveling in crowded places as well as high-signal

The round design fits the hand of most skateboarders. However, there are some people who don’t really like this design. Hoyt Pucks has aftermarket shells for those who don’t like its ergonomics to change it to suit the user’s

How to pair electric skateboard remotes?

To choose a suitable remote, you need to know the type of ESC your board is using. For those who build electric skateboards themselves, they already know this. 

electric skateboard remote control 4

Buyers of pre-assembled e-skateboard should consult the manufacturer or consult the product packaging information to determine what type of ESC is mounted inside the board.

Below are instructions on how to pair the remote with ESC. Note that this tutorial may not work for customized Hobbywing, LingYi, or VESC:

LingYi: Turn on your board and hold down the power button. At the same time, turn on your remote and press the pair button. 

Hobbywing: With this ESC, just hold down the power button on your board and on your remote.

VESC: Plug the wireless module into the VESC. You need to refer to the manual supplied with the remote to be able to pair up.

How to replace a remote?

If your board has Bobbywing or LingYi, simply you just visit the manufacturer’s website to find a replacement for your remote. In case you could not find any compatible replacement, you should call the board producer directly for a replacement.

For VESC ESC, if your hoard has an integral remote, then you can only buy the remote from your manufacturer. If you can access the PPM/UART ports, then you can choose any VESC remote.

How much does an electric skateboard remote control cost?

 The price of remotes can vary depending on different skateboard brands. A Ling Yi remote can cost around 50 dollars while a Hobbywing cost around 90 dollars. 

Those who own Evolve boards must have to pay up to 150 dollars for a remote and have no choice of other alternatives. If you own a Boosted board, you will have to purchase replacement from community members such as Boosted USA or The Boosted Guys. The cost of each replacement Boosted Board remote can be up to $ 300 each.

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The remote is a very important part of your board. Without it you will not be able to control your ride. The ESC will determine what type of remote you will have to buy, how to pair it with the remote, and the cost of a
replacement  remote.

It is advisable to start with a VESC remote so that you could have more remote options to choose from. 


Dario Yore

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